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Pasta and imagination

and an artisanal approach,
our guarantee.

Pastificio Sarandrea embraces the tradition of handing down values from father to son – values which speak of goodness, integrity and love for an artisanal product of the finest quality. We want to continue handing down the flavours of our land, remaining true to age-old know-how and expertise, all the while looking to technological innovation to help make processes increasingly efficient and safe.

Pasta and imagination

Made in Italy.

Ingredients are constantly selected and optimally combined following a completely local processing method which favours Italian excellencies, giving our own products their unique flavour.

Pasta and imagination

to detail.

Constant, thorough quality control of raw materials, products and all production process phases at Sarandrea is further guaranteed by specialised analysis laboratories and complex monitoring systems. 
Sarandrea uses state-of-the-art technology to produce and package its products in a quick, efficiently-monitored manner, but it maintains a deeply-rooted artisan tradition by cooking tasty fillings and creating ‘handmade’ product lines such as pasta nests or “caramelle”.