The pasta factory

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Carefully selected raw materials.

Our products contain top-grade raw materials that are perfectly safe to give to children. Our premium quality wheat is constantly assessed for its protein-related characteristics and firmness when cooked.

Our products do not contain palm oil or hydrogenated fats and glutamate.

Products from the seasonal line follow nature’s normal cyclical rhythms and are made using fresh, “in-season” ingredients which are inexpensive.

We value your creativity.

Existence is a combination of pasta and imagination, and Sarandrea creates “tailor-made” products to satisfy even the most sophisticated and inquisitive palates. Our kitchen becomes a workshop where magical alchemies are made following all the correct safety procedures and always using only the finest ingredients. It is a place where innovation merges with tradition and opens itself up to the future.

We assure punctuality and reliability.

Working within the global market, over time we’ve created a courteous, flexible ordering service that is completely at your disposal, at every hour of the day, and have signed agreements with logistics companies of the highest quality standards to guarantee on-time deliveries and products which are always fresh thanks to the most advanced cold technologies.